Dryer Plug Adapter | 3 And 4 Prong

After taking a bath in the morning, what you look for is your dryer to make your hair waterless, simply because you do not have enough time to let the down. How do you charge your dryer or do you know what is used to charge it? Yes, you got me right. I am talking about dryer plug adapter. Do you know anything about dryer plug adapter wiring? How would you wire your 220 Volt dryer plug? Some people say “I cannot do this”, but reading simple guidelines and step by step instruction will help you know everything exactly the way a professional does.

You know while shifting your home, changing your room may require a bit of rewiring to your dryer plug adapter so that the appliance could be connected easily to the electrical receptacle. In older dryers there were three prong 240/220 volt plugs but if you have a look at new one, you will see updated standard which are known as four prong plug separating neutral wires and the ground. You know if you are going to install a new electric dryer plug adapter power cord is a simple job which needs only a few minutes to do the job.

And changing a new place may also require changing the cord of dryer plug adapter so take care and while doing so, make sure that your cord is longer enough to meet your requirements. Note down what you will need to perform your job, for example connecting a 3-Prong Cord, Sheet metal screw – this is an optional you may and may not require it, drill, dryer cord and screwdriver. These things will make the job of dryer plug adapter wiring easy for you. Now confirm that cord is just according to the power receptacle because if you do not have matching cord it will create problem for amperage ratings.

Now, carefully take away the dryer plug adapter plate on the back, where you will see three brass terminals having a brass ground strip connected to the central terminal. Now you have to make connections. Do you see the black wire; this should be connected to the right outer screw. There is also a white wire and this should be connected to the central screw positioned along side the ground strap. Now you have one remaining wire and this is supposed to be connected to the left side screw. You know half of your dryer plug adapter job is over.

Now change the access plate carefully. Now you can say that you know how to do dryer plug adapter wiring. These days latest dryer plug adapter have advanced technology which have inside screws, not possible to loosen them, but taking care of it may provide it longer life. If you want to learn about which dryer plug adapter is the best for you and what are the prices for different kind of dryers, all information could be acquired online. So enjoy your drying with longer cord.

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